yes, it’s definitely tuesday.  yoga this morning.

so, the super duper class at the fit club isn’t going so great.  it’s called “dynamic training,” and so far i’ve been two times.  the first time was friday, and there were four of us, and it didn’t seem so bad, really.  intense, lots of weigh-bearing exercises with cardio, and at the end i didn’t feel so bad.

but later…well, i had to give a massage about an hour afterwards and i was pretty sure i was just going to collapse.  luckily i somehow managed to finish the massage, but i felt SO INCREDIBLY TIRED all the rest of the day that i felt kinda sick.  KINDA SICK.

i was also RAVENOUSLY HUNGRY, and i kept stuffing food in my face but i was STILL SO HUNGRY.

i felt like that all weekend and decided to wait til monday to try it again.  my muscles weren’t really sore, so that means i have a lot of muscle under the blubber, but it was just soooo intense.

so, yesterday…once again, the class wasn’t so horrible, and i left feeling ok.  i went to the grocery store and that was fine, and i got home and ate a bunch of food, but then, later, i just started sinking, sooooo tired again, feeling kinda sick.  YOU SHOULD NOT FEEL SICK BECAUSE OF EXERCISING SO MUCH.  that’s all i’m saying.

yesterday afternoon, after a fruitless nap and just lying around a lot, i decided i’m not gonna go back to the dynamic training cause i just can’t do it.  it’s too much, i don’t like feeling sick like that.

but now, i feel that maybe, just maybe, if i can just get myself to NOT TRY SO HARD during the class, maybe i’d be ok.

for example – we do these little sets of various hardcore stuff, and one thing was doing push ups , CLAPPING OUR HANDS IN BETWEEN EACH PUSH UP.

no, of course that is NOT POSSIBLE, at least for most mortals i know, at least all women.  but so i can do regular push-ups, not on my knees but all the way in a plank, and so i kept TRYING to do the clapping push ups EVEN THOUGH THAT IT TOTALLY IMPOSSIBLE AND RIDICULOUS.

i did manage to stick out an arm in between push ups so of course i exhausted myself.

it kind of went on like that, although really, nothing seemed so bad.

but then at the end, they have us do about 5 or 6 minutes of some kind of insane intensity thing.  yesterday we had weights in our hands, starting with the weights at our shoulders.  we squatted down, and then we lifted the weights up as we quickly stood up.

we had a minute to do six of them.  we got to rest for the remainder of the minute, then the next time we did 8, then 10, etc.

luckily, i had 10-pound weights so at first it wasn’t so bad.  there were four of us in the session, me and a skinny young woman and her skinny boyfriend or husband and a very hardcore retired air force guy who looked very young to be retired.  the woman had 12-pound weights, so after we got to 12 or so reps, she quit.  the guys, who of course had huge weights, kept going, and then it was just me and the ex-air force guy.  he was struggling mightily with his gigantic weights and then he, too, finally quit.

like i said, i didn’t feel so bad, but then when i got to my 20 reps in one minute, and i hadn’t had much time to recover from the 18 reps in one minute, i suddenly couldn’t really lift my right arm.  it’s my weak arm, and i tried to just lift the left one but the trainer guy kept saying BOTH ARMS! BOTH ARMS! so i kept going.

the end.

and then, like i said, super duper tired in the afternoon.

this morning i went to yoga and thought “i should give that class another chance.”  but now i think that’s crazy.  i don’t know; i don’t have to worry about that now.

all my worry is focused on our poor dog, who goes for her final doxirubicin chemo tomorrow.  she was so happy today, full of energy, eating lots of food…but we can still feel those lymph nodes and i’m dreading the results of tomorrow’s appointment.

here she is, so happy on the boat earlier in the month.

this was a rare event, kevin joining me on the boat.  it was a lovely day.

here’s a parade of geese through the yard.

we’re not taking any trips at all; our money is all going to pay for mollie’s treatment, plus we don’t want to leave her.  but luckily bev sent me a coupla photos from when she went to visit her daughter kaitlin in pennsylvania.  bev was very excited here, because sometimes they have free krispy kremes.  she told me the story about when they have them, but i don’t remember it, i just know she was really really excited.  mmm, i’d like a krispy kreme right now.

here’s lester, the day he dragged the huge pair of kevin’s wool socks into the living room.

garrick and janice and max came for a boat ride the other night, and i’m pretty sure max enjoyed himself more than anybody.  luckily garrick is very strong, because max isn’t quite as tiny and delicate as he thinks he is.

garrick and janice and max went camping down at ramsey lake, which isn’t very far from here.  their site overlooked the lake and it looked so nice that we thought about taking mollie.  but garrick said there were lots of ticks, and we don’t wanna further jeopardize mollie, so we decided against it.

garrick took this picture from his camper.

yet another boat ride…it’s impossible to do the moon justice in a photograph.  at least for me.

here’s a sailboat moored somewhere on the lake.  kevin wants a sailboat with a cabin, and someday i’d like to buy him one.  these people must be doing pretty well, huh, since they have a speed boat, a sailboat and a pontoon.

yet another sailboat.

on the other side of the lake, somebody is building this huge, huge boat house.  it’s not an actual house because you can’t build one down at the water’s edge, but it’s ridiculously huge for a boat house.  also, i couldn’t see the house that belongs to it anywhere, but mom said it was way up the hill.

they’re building it way too close to this fabulous boat house.  this one has a fireplace, and i want one.  i told kevin that he and garrick could build us a nice little boat house like this down at the water, and we can just live in it.

a beautiful sunset.  mom and i were out on the boat this night, and we passed a guy sitting out on his lawn.  you don’t see so many people sitting out on their lawns at the lake, which i know is pretty crazy.  people have so many huge mansions, but this guy was in his backyard, at one of the original little cottages in cottage grove.  a tiny little house, and he was just sitting out in the middle of his lawn, taking pictures of this beautiful sunset.

today bev told me that it seems sad, like fall, because it’s so cool now and getting dark earlier, but i said IT’S ONLY THE END OF JULY.

trying to be upbeat, this night before mollie’s chemo.

ok then,

mrs. end of july hughes.