here’s erica on the sky glider at the fair on sunday.

we had a lovely time; we had just finished Abe’s Amble the 10k that left from the fairgrounds.  more about that later.

but the yellow jacket update:

here’s kevin on saturday morning, as he got ready to carry the yellow jacket-infested plant down to the lake.  plenty of the nasty varmints were still buzzing around the pot, and we knew the soil was chock full of them.

he’s wearing his trooper hat with a new beekeeper veil over it, his leather jacket secured with a belt, leather gloves, boots, and leather biking pants which he pulled over a pair of heavy jeans.

i don’t know about you, but it’s all i can do to zip up my jeans; i couldn’t ever imagine being able to pull another pair of pants OVER my jeans!

here he is, picking up the plant.  he meant to get the pot, too, but the plant came up out of it.

he carried it down the front walk as the yellow jackets buzzed all around him.

it looks like he’s fighting off the yellow jackets as he carries the plant down to the water.

he stands at the water’s edge after hurling the bag into the lake.

glug glug glug.

despite the fact that he was so well-protected, a few yellow jackets managed to sneak their way into his protective clothing – one of them managed to buzz into a flap inside his jacket pocket and he got a few stings on his stomach, and another penetrated his hat and stung his head.  he managed to crush them, and even though you can’t see the stings on his stomach anymore, they still itch.

he was, as usual, very brave.  i was a nervous just peering out at him from the safety of the living room!

as for my stings – whew, they just keep on keeping on.  more on that later.

ok then, i hope your tuesday is a good one,

mrs. itchy hughes.