i read that last post of mine from last week; that day we did get soooo many things done, but we only got the pontoon boat ready for winter.  but the cadillac is back in the garage.  yesterday it was also warm, so we did many more outside things, including getting the sailboat covered – it didn’t take nearly as much time as it did to clean the pontoon, because i started shop-vaccing up all the leaves in the pontoon boat and got more and more obsessive and then the leaves kept falling as i was working so finally i had to tell kevin to PLEASE TELL ME TO STOP!

and then the boat was so lovely and clean that it seemed like such a darned shame to cover it up; it would have been nice to take it out for one last spin.  but oh well, the boat was on the water longer than it’s ever been, so that’s something.  and we only have a few months now til it’ll be warm again….

kevin sent me these photos that he found of sweet mollie, before i knew her.  she was a happy dog, enjoying the water on a boat before my time.

two other happy dogs, numie and noodle are always ready to snuggle down for winter.

winnie, always deeply reflective as he stares out at the water.  his new collar glows in the dark, so i can always see him in the middle of the night when he’s sleeping right up next to my face.

amy and jim took the boat out for one final time, and it looked like they had a very good time.

noodle was steering, which is a good idea, so you can relax while the dog takes charge.

the sky is so beautiful so many times.

i bought this for kevin on impulse as i was racing through wal-mart, grocery shopping.  who doesn’t love a minion?

amy sent me this; her dogs have quite a few different outfits, but i love it that these are matching.  twin doggies.

i have to go outside today, unfortunately, but not so much.  i’m glad i went running yesterday, because i don’t envision that happening any time in the near or distant future.

i hope your tuesday is filled with good things.

ok then,

mrs. g.h.