we all successfully made it through the night.  dad is hanging in there.  he’s not doing badly, but like they keep saying, things are tenuous and he’s very sick and all we can do is wait and hope.


i slept out in the waiting room from 11 til 3 last night; it was an OK chair that laid out flat into a bed.  amy went out and set it all up for me, because she loves taking care of everybody and making them nests.  she does this for her dogs constantly, and did it for mollie whenever she had to stay with them.

i slept remarkably well even though a couple in there had a tv going.  i surreptitiously snuck over and turned it down cause i think they were already asleep.  i put in earplugs, and it wasn’t so bad, and three o’clock came pretty quickly.

i then took my turn here in the room on the torture chamber reclining chair.  it’s the WORST CHAIR EVER and i guess it’s like that so you won’t be tempted to spend the night actually in the room.

i dozed a little, but the really good nurse, amanda, kept coming in a lot to check on dad and do different things, plus sometimes the many buzzer things went off.

amy was going to get up at seven but i figured i’d let her sleep, but in she came, full of energy, promptly at seven.

we both hung out for a while til she got dressed for zumba and went off to teach a class.

mom came in at 10 and relieved me of my duties.

and so it goes…

tomorrow we take mollie to champaign for her third chemo treatment, and even though i’ve had a worry way back in my head about those cytoblasts, whatever they are, that they found in her blood last week, i’m looking forward to escaping town for just a few hours.  the drive will be like a special treat!  and hopefully the drive back home will also be good.

jim took this photo of our beautiful dog – this was when i was at hospital, kevin was still in texas, i believe.  mollie just started at the door when jim was there.

les was more interested in being friendly to jim.

and chester is always on the counter.

it was harder for him to get a good shot of winnie, who was probably chasing lester – i think because chester would attack winnie, now winnie is angry and lashes out at poor les.  i witnessed that today; les was sitting on the hot tub cover, as was winnie, and winnie just pounced on him.  baaaaad kitty.

i don’t feel it was such a good idea for kevin to be taking photos in the rain while driving.  this is when he finally saw the lights of the hotel i’d booked for him; he had issues finding it, but luckily he got there safe and sound.

here’s a bunch of his cousins plus his aunt, who is in her late 80s.

and here’s a very fuzzy photo of kevin with his aunt on friday.

once again, taking unauthorized photos while driving, VERY DANGEROUS, and i’m sure you could get a ticket for that kind of behavior.

chester, so very very tired.

winnie and les, at a moment of peace.

i missed les so much last night!  when i took a little nap this afternoon he slept on top of me for a while.

kevin saw this photo today and sent it to me, commenting that we needed this sticker when we were transporting our wedding cake to the reception.  it was a tense situation cause i was very afraid that the cake was gonna fall over and break apart.  we got pulled over on the highway for driving too slowly!  ah, a magical morning, but then the afternoon picked right up cause we GOT MARRIED!

and that is all for this monday.

ok then,