amy’s birthday, way back at the beginning of the month…i can’t for the life of me remember why i took this picture.  maybe somebody else took it?

lester doesn’t really look so happy here, it’s kind of like amy is squooshing him.  but i’m sure he was fine with it, because he loves plenty of attention most of the time.

i think amy looks completely crazy here; she’s making a face, but if you didn’t know what she really looks like, you’d think she was some sort of creature from another planet, perhaps.

so i took les for a walk on the leash, but at the same time i let chester walk around freely.

this went pretty well for a while – chester mostly stayed right around where we were.

i love it that les’s tag is facing the right way for some reason in all the pictures i took of him.  he did a lot of lying around, which made our walk much easier.

chester, took, was pretty laid-back.

but here, les seems to realize that CHESTER IS FREE, WHAT THE HELL???

but he doesn’t really look so traumatized by it…

i took approximately one million photos that day, and more will follow.

meanwhile, it rained last night, which was quite exciting.  it might rain some more, but probably not.  the lake doesn’t look any fuller than it was yesterday, despite the fact that it seemed to rain a lot.

and that’s all of my very exciting rain and kitty report.

ok then,

mrs. g.h.