although i keep thinking it’s wednesday, but it’s not wednesday, because on wednesday we take mollie to the U of I again, and we’re dreading it quite a bit.

luckily, mollie is oblivious and seems to feel good and has even been eating some of the myriad of treats she’s been rejecting lately.

so, last night i wore my costume…it is brief and revealing yet covers up quite a bit at the same time.

and the wig…good lord, the wig.

maybe i’ll post a photo up here sometime.

right now, though, i just have time for these photos of the Cutest Kitty Ever…

here he is, the other night. startled.

yesterday les went down to the basement to visit kevin and HOW CUTE IS THIS???  somehow kevin managed to take and send the photo even though the kitty was sleeping on his hand!

and just now, lester was attempting to relax on the screened porch.

and that’s all i have time for right now…

mrs. h.