…and it feels like spring again.  it was finally warm enough to be outside yesterday, very nice.

here’s mom working on the stone we made to put over dad’s ashes under the peach trees down by the lake.  we had marked the spot with a shell, and we bought the kit to make the stone last year, and it sat on our screened porch til saturday.

here’s the stone in its final resting place. we put i down there yesterday.  the stars are supposed to glow in the dark, but we didn’t walk down last night to see.  we’ll do that tonight.

on the top is a coin from las vegas, that dad won one time he was there.  he collected quite a collection of them.

shortie and gizmo’s dog tags are on either side.

our gardenia got some kind of mites last year and it didn’t flower at all.  yesterday there was a big bloom, and later in the day it bloomed.  i wish they’d develop smell-a-vision technology for the computer, so you could smell its fragrant deliciousness.

our wild kitty sanctuary.  kevin is going to mow it today, so the poor kitties won’t have such long grass to lurk about in.

beautiful iris from amy’s yard.  we have one spectacular iris down by the peach trees – dad planted a lot of them, and it’s the only one left.  we should plant some more.

here’s dad’s iris.  it looks a little bit blurry because i took the picture on one of our very windy days.

and here’s the van, after kevin cleaned it out, ready to go to virginia.

here it is last night when he got back.  it’s filled with stuff, but not nearly as dirty as i thought it’d be, considering all the mud he enountered.

he cleaned it out already, so it’s all ready for me to go to yoga right now.

he’s been rushing around a lot this morning; i suggested that maybe he’d want to rest up a little today, but he scoffed at that.

ok then,

mrs. tuesday morning hughes.