On Thursday, September 5th I flew to Denver for Christine‘s funeral, which was on Friday the sixth.

I got to sit by the window on the first leg of my journey, and I enjoyed taking pictures of clouds.

I don’t get the opportunity very often to see the tops of clouds.

Meanwhile, Kevin and Glenn went for a 25-mile bike ride.

Here’s the view of the mountains, way far away, from the hallway at my hotel.

the trip was weird and so unsettling, but i decided on the morning of the funeral to go for a run. i knew that washington park in denver wasn’t that far away. i’d gone to that park often when i visited my friend kelly there in the 90s. when i was moving to LA I stopped at her house and spent a few days…a week? there, and i started running in earnest for the first time as an adult. i was…35? 34?

there were many really nice houses along the way.

I hadn’t planned on going for a very long run but i got to washington park after all…my total run was four miles, and the altitude in denver didn’t have an effect on me.

can you see the humingbird right there in the middle?

after my run, our friend Jerri and Craig arrived at the hotel, and we got an uber to go to the funeral.

a very surreal time.

Jerri, Craig and i went back to the hotel when it was all over and played cards and drank wine. christine would have wanted somebody to do that.


meanwhile…i got home the next day, saturday, september 7th.

and kevin and i left on the train bound for Glacier National Park on Tuesday, Sept. 10th.

things were slightly frenzied for a few days getting ready to go.

we got back home last night at about five p.m. i took many, many pictures.

ok then,

mrs. september is almost over hughes.