erica and i went to dinner and then to world market where i did not buy ONE SINGLE HALLOWEEN ITEM. and then to barnes-n-noble, where i BOUGHT ONE XMAS GIFT! which is quite extraordinary for me. i’ve never bought an xmas gift before november, and really, lately, i haven’t bought any before december. sometimes not till the middle of the month.

anyway, my aunt sandy sent me an hysterically funny video, but i have no way of posting it here. there actually probably is some way, but it’s beyond my scope of knowledge of posting, which is very small knowledge anyway.

maybe i should take a class.

however, she did send me some funny dog costume photos. i remember that she sent a bunch last year, and once again there are some good ones. maybe you’ve already seen them all.

this one is my favorite.

three-headed dog

well, maybe it’s not actually my favorite but it is because i love harry potter and this is, of course, that three-headed dog from book…one, maybe?

this dog is also very cute.

giraffe dog

and this one – what a crazy, crazy outfit. the dog doesn’t seem terribly pleased, does it?

crazy dog

tonight i had mollie try on her pumpkin cap for erica, but after seeing these elaborately decked out canines, i realize we have a log way to go.

maybe next year.