and i just can’t wake up.  soon mollie and i will burst out the door and go running, but for now i’m wishing i’d tried to sleep another half hour.  last nightwe stayed up very late for us, til midnight, watching “the madness of king george.”  this is one of the many movies we have dvr’d and have been sitting around there inside the magic of our tv for a really long time.  we’ve had this one since february, but i think i had recorded it a year ago and then deleted it and then added it again.  if you haven’t seen this film, i highly recommend it.  i didn’t want to start watching, but it was engrossing and fascinating and disturbing and really well done.  the guy who is the husband in “as time goes by” has a small part in the film.  i always like seeing somebody in something that’s so very different from what i’ve seen then doing before.

last night we watched this odd thing called “dr. horrible’s sing-along blog.”  it was about 45 minutes long and starred neil patrick harris, and it was quirky and i just looked it up on wikipedia and it was made in 2008 so maybe you’ve already seen it.  you can see it online if you look it up.  the guy who did it, joss whedon, is a very successful hollywood writer and director and all of that.  you might recall a little show he did called “buffy the vampire slayer.”

as august winds down, i still have more photos plus a bunch of video.

here’s lovely erica at her birthday party. i think she looks better than anybody else who’s worn it in the birthday hat.  note that she got TWO birthday desserts, neither of them cake, which she’s not so crazy about.  one of the desserts is a peach crisp made with peaches from our tree…

…and the other is a tray of bev’s delicious AWARD-WINNING COOKIES!  you can kind of see in the photo above how nicely bev arranged them (she always does this, the fancy arranging of thing), but by the time i snapped a picture of the tray they had already been attacked by many COOKIE FIENDS.  mmmm, cookies.

last night was the next-to-last tomb ceremony, so you’d better get there next tuesday night at 7 o’clock if you don’t want to miss the very last one.  PLUS next week they’re serving punch and cookies after.  maybe punch and cake?

there haven’t been as many people in attendance this year.  even though the weather was perfect tuesday night, not so many people showed up.

across the way, though, i spied this fellow and he looked like he was wearing NO SHORTS AT ALL, just that shirt and those big black socks.  i told mom that he was probably wearing some pink high-heels, too.  in this bigger picture you can see the shorts, but if you squint he definitely looks pants-less, with just those big white shimmering thighs.

once again, kevin was IN THE BACK.  he says they almost always put him in the back because he’s tall, but that guy directly to the right of the flagpole, russ, is just as tall.  they need to put kevin up front more, that’s all i’m saying.

my, doesn’t he look somber?  except then they’re standing there at parade rest and if he finds me in the crowd he always breaks into a grin.  not so official but very cute.

here’s all the guys standing for their photo op at the end.  lots and lots of people take pictures then.

i also shot a bunch of video with my camera to capture most of the whole deal, but i don’t have time now for all that slow uploading and everything.  later, though, the EXCITING AND DRAMATIC CEREMONY will unfold before you.

unless youtube rejects the videos, which it does an annoying amount of time.

ok then,

thursday morning grace.