Tuesday morning I woke up feeling so much myself again with boundless energy. I’d been so drained that I’d forgotten how good it feels to feel good.

I went to the grocery store for the first time this month and scampered around outside in the garden area, scooping up many on-sale flowers. I hadn’t bought any yet this year and treated myself to some very lovely ones and rushed out to the car with my full cart. I sprinted back into the store and dashed hither and yon. Amy had told me that they’d re-arranged many of the aisles and she was right. As I tore down one aisle I realized that things were in different aisles, none of it making much sense, but I was so energetic that it didn’t matter as I happily grabbed stuff off the shelves.

I literally ran through the main aisle to get back to the garden center checkout because they were also updating the self-serve checkouts and there were long lines at the few open checkers.

There was no wait out there in the garden center and I told the very nice woman behind the counter, Jean, about my recent hospital horrors. She had her own hospital horror story because many people do, and all I remember specifically is that when she was in the ambulance she begged them not to lay her flat and restrain her because she was severely claustrophobic and it made her freak out. Fun times.

I got home and Kevin unloaded the profusion of flowers, setting them on a table in the back yard. I dashed around the house and realized that I had to get them up onto the deck because if I didn’t the deer would have a flower smorgasbord and in the morning there’d be nothing left but some stems.

Some of the flowers were a bit heavy to move but that was fine, as my energy was still high.

And then in the afternoon I gave my first massage since my surgery. I quickly realized I had waaaay overdone it. I was lethargic and ready for a nap and my stomach wasn’t feeling so great. Luckily, this client had no serious issues requiring lots of work on my part, and I got through it.

Lesson learned. This particular elderly woman is darling and kind and wanted to hear about my hospital visit. Her late husband had been instrumental in getting the medical school here in town up and running, a surgeon who taught surgeons.

After her massage I handed her a pen and paper because she wanted to take notes about the name of the doctors who saw me at the hospital and highlights of my experience. On Friday night she’s going to a party given by a surgeon and she’s sure that many other surgeons will be in attendance and she plans on finding one to corner and pepper with questions about the quality of my care.

She’s so sweet , and it’ll be interesting to see what she finds out. Maybe instead she’ll just enjoy a lovely evening which would be good because she hasn’t gotten out much since the pandemic, plus I don’t think she’ll discover anything alarming. But it’s so kind of her to want to find things out for me.

Today I have to give a massage that requires all my energy so until then I plan on doing as much sitting around as possible and I’ve said to Kevin several times “don’t let me do anything!”

So we’ll see how that goes. I hope to sift through the videos of our Seattle trip and that’s about the extent of my plans for the day.

Ok then,

Mrs. sitting around quietly so far Hughes.