and it’s gonna rain and i must get up and take mollie for a walk before that happens!  no wait, it’s already raining!  so a little YAY for that, but she does need a walk today and it’s supposed to rain a lot.

if i wasn’t lazy and bad, i’d have already taken her.

let’s just get the rest of these xmas photos up already and be done with it!

we bought dad a giant box of assorted stuff from swiss colony.

and david got a little bitty one.

lester, looking so christmasy

he was actually intently watching max, who is always such a cheerful guy!

we bought garrick this old-timey glass musket filled with a huge quantity of tequila.  he was very excited about it.

mom, always cheerful.

such a cute doggie!

les, always darling.

i think this was the day after xmas, as mollie scurried here and there trying to find a place to bury her christmas rawhide wreath.

here she is, trying to bury it in the chair.  i made a little video of her doing it, and will post that very very soon.

last night after i’d turned out the lights she burst into the bedroom and up on the bed.  i turned on the light, and she had dug up her pretty big rawhide candy cane.  quite a lot of leaves and mud clinging to it.  this morning i found it, nestled down in the chair.

dad gave us these awesome mugs.

and BA BOOM, all of xmas photos!  now just a few from my show, and then it’s on to 2013!

ok then,

mrs. 2013 hughes.