i was going to call this “two a.m. crazy” but suddenly it’s three.  3:37 to be precise, which means by the time i’m done it’ll be closer to four a.m. crazy.  too many hours of being awake in the middle of the night.

after lying in bed wishing i was asleep with the general random worries zinging through my brain, i started thinking about that last post, how very long it was, how long it took to write because of technical difficulties with loading photos and then they disappeared and i thought i’d have to re-load them which made me crazy but then i made them reappear, and then, mostly, i worried about the fact that the post was pretty much just a chronology of the events and i didn’t say anything about obama’s speech and biden’s speech and just how great obama is.

but now, feeling very lucid here at 3:43 a.m. but realizing that is probably just a middle of the night hallucination, i think that maybe if you’ve been reading this you website already know my thoughts about mr. obama.

big supporter.  in case you didn’t glean that from my video.

the thing is, after all that standing around in the hot heat for all that time on saturday, when barack finally appeared on the platform he just seemed, well…just like he is.  just like he seemed that first time i really listened to him, a couple of years ago on a late-night interview show, i think it was charlie rose.  obama was so intelligent and rational and thoughtful, so compelling and calm and obviously a person who would be a great leader.

so when i saw him on saturday, he was just like that.  i guess the impact wasn’t as great because i already knew he was just like that for a long time now.  it was neat to see him right there, not so far away from me, but on the other hand at that point my brain was fried a little bit from the sun.

and then when joe biden came out and said all that good stuff about obama (and of course what else would he say?), stuff about how obama is unique and compelling and has the power to move people in amazing ways…well, i already knew that.

plus i spent so much time trying to see and get some good photos and video even though there were all those people with all those signs in front of me, not to mention the very tall guys who wormed their way up front in my line of vision sometime before it started.  plus the teleprompter which partially blocked their faces when they were speechifying.

so my point in writing that post was to try to give you an account of what it was like to be there at the rally.

tonight in bed i thought about editing the post but then i decided this addendum would be better.

the clock just struck four.  it’s five minutes fast, so if i hurry back to bed, perhaps i’ll be asleep by four.

not likely.  but i can always hope…

ok then, goodnight,

not really awake grace.