i’m feeling kind of tired, not feeling like doing anything, mad that my e-mail isn’t working right now.

i went to this very very funny website called dooce.com. if you haven’t heard of it, well, i don’t know why you haven’t. this woman started a blog in LA quite a while ago, and she wrote bad things about her boss, i believe, and she got fired because of it, and now she lives in utah and has a husband and a child and it’s very very VERY funny.

and so i read a little of it tonight, and i suggest you do the same. she’s an actual PAID BLOGGER, and gets lots of money and her husband doesn’t even have to work because of all the money she makes writing on her blog.


anyway, she listed some of the mean stuff peope wrote to her, and it makes me glad that i’m not famous and rich from having a blog, because all that negativity would get to me.

but on the other hand, it’s funny if you think about it.

and the fame/richness from writing on a blog would be VERY NICE.

one of the funniest entries was from august 9th. read that one. especially the part about the dog.

very very funny.

i’m going to be mad at my e-mail now. i hope you had a good weekend.

ok then,