today, many, many photos, including a bunch of xmas photos before everybody is totally sick of the season.  i, personally, got sick of it long ago and all our decorations are safely back in the basement now.

i found even earlier photos this morning – these are from december 8th!

jim says that because it’s warmer outside, not as many geese are migrating.  we haven’t had so many in the yard this year.

here’s the prison kitty, very vocal about being locked up, but he’s still not able to scale the fence anymore.

lester and chester hung out in the hot tub room.  chester is usually stretched out relaxing while les is usually very very busy doing many busy kitty projects.

i think this is the best picture i have of chester; sometimes it’s not so easy to capture him because of his very blackness.

soon, some photos of xmas including many fine photos i took at randy’s house.

ok then,

mrs. friday morning ONE MORE DAY TIL THE NEW YEAR hughes.