considering it’s december. in the high 40’s this week. maybe the winter will be mild after all? one of the banks on stevenson drive has one of those time/temperature signs out front, and for the past couple of weeks, the temperature has read 96 degrees. one day it said 178. i like it when it says 96, because it instantly makes me think it’s REALLY 96. and it makes me think of summer. the 178 is slightly troubling; hot weather is good, but a nuclear holocaust would not be so nice. especially with xmas coming up so soon.

this afternoon i’m going to shop; a couple of stores have TODAY ONLY fabulous sales. allegedly. we’ll just see. i probably won’t buy anything at all, but you never know. i’m torn between wanting to go out and buy millions of gifts, and being practical and realizing i don’t have a lot of money to spend on things, so i’d better just relax about the whole thing. i find, though, when i’m in a store and i see all the piles and mounds of stuff, attractively displayed, that i just want to buy stuff for everybody, all the time. i think maybe this is because i normally realize i can’t go around buying stuff willy nilly, but somehow xmas makes me think NOW’S THE TIME!

prudence and practicality, i’m really working on those attributes. not that i’ll ever succeed, but you have to have goals.

(ok, but on the other hand, when i’m near death, will i reflect on my life and think, “i wish i’d been more prudent and practical?)

ok then,