i wanted to read more about the iceland volcano that keeps erupting, but mostly all i could find were stories about all the closings of airports.  yes, of course it is impacting so many people all over the place, but i want to hear more about the volcano itself.

i thought this video from the AP was incredible to watch.

in the story that included this video, they mentioned that “Eyjafjallajokull, the Iceland volcano, has been active again this week. There have been predictions that the volcano may continue to be active for months or even years if it follows past eruption timelines. This could spell major problems for air travel throughout Europe this summer.”

this summer, huh? what about if it really keeps erupting for YEARS? what then? how come nobody is doing a big story about that? is somebody somewhere thinking about the repercussions?

also, what about all the people who live near the volcano? have they all left? what about all the farms around there, the poor animals?

troubling things to think about on this faux winter sunday night.

amy and jim also had their fireplace lit, so it’s not just us who are being big weenies about the miniscule chill in the air.

ok then,

sunday night rarely seems like a happy time grace.