it was sad to take our very last boat ride – the lake level has just been dropping and dropping, so we decided to take the boat out.  plus it’s not working so great, ever since we ran out of gas.  this is what the sky and the water looked like when we headed out. SO BEAUTIFUL!

everybody was really happy to be on the boat.  Max the dog looks very serious, but he’s having the best time of anybody.

mollie loves to sit righyt up front so she can see everything.

kevin and me…last boat ride of the summer.

i hope that next year we can do something with that damn boat motor.  we keep getting it fixed, but it keeps breaking.  it costs thousands of dollars to buy a new one; randy suggested that we hold a fundraiser.  erica thought that was a great idea and suggested we have a gala, with a silent auction and everything.  a fine idea.

maybe we can find a used motor somewhere.  or a sale motor.

ok ok ok,

mrs. grace hughes