it may not mean much, or anything, to people who don’t live here, but to people like janice and garrick, it’s awesome that the bridge is finally opened because when it was closed for four months they had no way to easily get many places, like our house.  it’s an historic bridge, built in 1933 and 1934, and i’ve always loved it.

plus, what if you lived right across the bridge and wanted to put your boat in the water there at the convenient boat launch right across the bridge?  you’d have to drive all around the lake.

but it’s open now, right on schedule – i bet they had some kind of ceremony because i heard that it was opening at exactly 10:15 last tuesday morning.  damn, i missed the ceremony.  maybe they served doughnuts.

it’s too bad i have no photos of the finished bridge from the water, but these will have to do.

hmm, i guess it doesn’t look a lot different than it did before they fixed it.  but they spent $1.9 million for repairs and renovations.

we were there on saturday morning, and the boat launch parking lot was packed with fishermen, i’m sure for a tournament.  i bet none of them took pictures of the bridge, even though they’d have had a great view.

you can see the new lights here.

the sidewalks along the bridge were horrible; we rode our bikes over it a lot and it was cracked and bad.  it seemed there were always broken beer bottles, too…hmm, i feel that probably won’t change.  you know they did a great job on the bridge because it looks just the same, only with no cracks.   smooooth.

last night there was peace, for at least four seconds.  maybe five.

and yes, he IS the cutest kitty ever!  right now he’s marching all aroujnd the living room, meowing quietly.  he wants to go out, of course.  that’s all he ever wants, FREEDOM.

that is all for this wet tuesday.

ok then,

mrs. h.