I went a few times this year, and its amazing that the fair weather, which can be so awfully hot and sticky, was pretty much great. First, I went the first Sunday, August 13th. They’ve been working on this new Route 66 area of the fairgrounds and it was kind of cool. There are lots of old photos and stuff in the little building and I kept meaning to go back and read them but I didn’t. However, this part of the air is open year-round so maybe sometime in the fall when it’s cool, Kevin and I can go for a nice walk around the grounds and stop in to see the photos.

We did so much marching all around the fairgrounds when we were getting ready to hike the Pembrokeshire Coast Path in Wales. That was waaaay back in 20156, back when we didn’t have nearly so many cats and were able to take long trips.

I was surprised and delighted to see the big group of Clydesdales outside the coliseum.

It was a bunch of horses with their foals!

Moms and babies! I chatted with these two women and they said that the foal was only three and a half months old. That’s a mighty, mighty big baby.

Our purpose in going to the fair that day was to see Randy’s brother Ricky as Elvishimselvis, so I didn’t go in to watch the competition.

I went back about an hour later and it was cool to see this young kid working with this giant horse. It’s only now that I’m looking at it that I realize this is the same horse I’d seen earlier. She already has a blue ribbon as she’s being judged, so obviously she and her foal had been through their paces and won the grand prize for that event.

I also now realize that the girl on the right is the same girl I’d seen with the mother and baby. Maybe the boy is her brother.

I think this was a different competition. In addition to these horses, there were a bunch of them lined up on the other side.

I think that next year at the fair I’m going to pay more attention to when they have the different horse events and make it a point to go see them. They’re really my favorite part of the fair.

Well, I titled this “fair part one,” and I hope I manage to post another one before winter sets in…

Ok then,

Mrs. H.