i almost never read the sports section.  football, baseball, basketball, whatever, i just don’t care.

but today the sports section is chock-full of interesting articles.  first, the tour de france – the winner of the time trials yesterday did 9.6 miles in 19 minutes, 32 seconds.  lance armstrong came in 10th, but he was only 40 seconds slower than the winner.  FORTY SECONDS.  that’s not a whole lot of time.  they’ll be biking when we’re on our bike trip in scotland.  we’ll be going much much much slower.  it’s funny to think about the fact that they’ll be biking like fast fast fast like the wind fast bikers, and we’ll be pedalling along at a leisurely pace, stopping to take plenty of photos.

i should be biking right now instead of reading about it.  but it’s cool and drizzly this morning, even though it’s supposed to be sunny and nice.  i should really be biking because it’s probably going to be even cooler and wetter in scotland.

but i continue to read the sports section.  the williams sisters, venus and serena, are also amazing and interesting athletes.  how could two sister be so incredibly good?  in the article about them winning yet again it said that their father had to leave town when the sisters played each other because he couldn’t stand to watch.  i bet it’s fun, being that outstanding in a sport and having your sister around to play with and against.

and then there’s tiger woods – why won’t he take a stand on any issues?  an article said he is just concerned with winning and making lots and lots of money.  i can understand him wanting to do that, and maybe in order to keep winning and making more money has has to only focus on those things.  but i wonder how he’ll feel about his actions now when he’s older.

the best thing i read in the paper this morning, though, was in the business section, yet another part of the paper that i don’t normally care so much about.  but there’s going to be a NEW DAIRY QUEEN OPENING on wabash avenue.  what could be better than that?

it’s not oging to open till november or december, which sems like kind of poor timing, but i’ll go there anyway for my dilly bar fix.

we went to the DAV club to watch the fireworks last night and it was a little bit surreal.  because it was still drizzling and very foggy, most of the fireworks were muted, sometimes severly muted, by the fog and the smoke from the preceeding fireworks.  it was kind of like seeing fireworks half-blind.  there wasn’t much of a crowd at the club and only a paltry amount of boats were watching from the lake.  we didn’t take our boat over because the cover was filled with water plus it was still raining.

next year, there’s always next year.

ok then,

sunday morning grace.