part of the reason i haven’t been posting here much is because i’ve been editing together Gracetalk #5 to put on youtube.  of course i had various issues with doing it, plus i shortened one of the videos in the show because i felt it was just too long.  i shaved two and a half minutes off of it, and i am pleased with the results.

PLUS all the xmas crap is now gone from my house!  well, except for the tubs of stuff lining the hallway, but at least it’s not covering every surface.

this morning i was lying in bed and i heard the shop vac and i thought to myself PLEASE LET THAT BE KEVIN VACUUMING UP THE PINE NEEDLES.

last night i managed to put almost everything away, including taking all the ornaments off the very very dry tree.  because i waited so long to get a tree, even though they cut the bottom of the trunk before putting it in my car, i only re-filled the water at the base maybe once, and it has been sagging and sagging more every day.

i got up and THE TREE WAS GONE!  YAAAAY!

anyway, if you didn’t get to the show, here it is in its entirety. here’s a funny thing to watch for – at the beginning when i’m walking in and i start to clap, and i get the crowd to clap, i stop clapping for a minute. this is because i COMPLETELY LOST THE BEAT. yes, always very graceful am i.

but only because my name is grace.  otherwise, very little grace to be found.

that is all for now.  maybe tomorrow i’ll have time to look at the xmas photos.

ok ok ok then,

mrs. friday night hughes.