roared past, and I can’t believe it’s july.  the weather has made it seem like it’s august, however.

meanwhile, a few june photos that weren’t boat-related.

les finally sat on the floor to ceiling kitty tower we put up, but since then we’ve taken it away because nobody was really interested.

riley at the fence – he loves it in the fenced yard and hasn’t ever even thought about trying to escape.

the deer are darling but so destructive.  they ate so much of my hostas in front of the house.  this used to be a big circle of huge hostas that dad planted, but i’d transplanted some of them.  but now they remaining ones are struggling to survive.

lester lurking in the vinca patch.  ironically, this is the scene of a horrible poison ivy incident!  since this photo, tall grasses have grown up, and amy spent a lot of time pulling them, and then got terrible poison ivy..  I said we should just pave over the whole vinca circle.

riley in front of the mutts pillow…

this was shortly after this deer gave birth – kevin thought she was looking inside, thinking it had come in.  it hadn’t.

riley, who is chillin’ a lot.

do you see the baby deer?  one lying down on either side of the compost bin.

the water was crazy murky after we had a huge rain.  over five inches in a very short period of time…

and this poor tree continues to tip more and more perilously into the water.

the blooming yuccas were so pretty, more than we’ve ever had.

and that’s all for now…there are lots more of june, but not at the moment.

ok then,

mrs. july hughes.