After spending time in deserted Alys Beach, we drove on down the road to Rosemary Beach. i’d read online about a restaurant right on the beach there and hoped we could go there for lunch.

Rosemary Beach was bustling, especially compared to Alys Beach. Rosemary was more upscale than our place in Seagrove Beach.

it was so upscale that you couldn’t access the beach at all, unless you were staying there. we searched in vain for some way to try to find the restaurant on the beach and finally stopped and asked a security guy who explained that it couldn’t happen. bummer.

instead, we found a delicious place, the cowgirl kitchen. there’s another one of these in Seagrove Beach; we’d been there last year. this place was soooo good.

we walked around a bit after lunch.

what a funny street name in Rosemary Beach!

it looked like they were trying to make it look like a european street. we stopped at a souvenir shop and the woman there told us that Rosemary Beach was nice, but Alys Beach was even more expensive. hmm, maybe they were priced out of anyone being there?

i loved this hotel in front of a grassy lawn which was across from the beach.

we left these ritzy beach towns, glad we’d gone and also happy that we were staying in seagrove beach.

it started raining when we got back to our condo, and i was amused to see people still out on the beach. this one brave soul walked along carrying an umbrella.

another happy day in paradise!

ok then,