First of all…I have no business sitting here on the couch but I’m trying to give myself a break. The most important thing is that Kevin somehow managed to get everything on the porch plugged in so now the blowup Minion and snowman are happily bogging around. I should go turn the outside xmas light on right now, because it’s a grey day.

I finally made that list of stuff to do and broke it down by day but then didn’t get enough done every day and yesterday I worked myself into quite a frazzle. I also wrote a very very detailed list for things to do today which is why the lack of business I have just sitting here. We’re having people over for dinner tonight, which is now coming right up.

Some of the things, though, are “chop tomatoes for salad” and I didn’t buy any more tomatoes so there are only seven of them, so that shouldn’t take so long. So in theory all the stuff won’t take but a bit of time, but that never actually happens. But at least I’m pretty sure I wrote down everything, including “water orchid,” because it had to be watered every Friday, and I already did that so I was able to cross it off the list and feel ahead of the game.

I was lying in bed this morning, desperate to get back to sleep because I knew I hadn’t slept enough, and I started to worry about Marley. Last night when I was upstairs sitting on the floor with her, she was just lying there on the floor, letting me pet her, but not seeming too great. So this morning lying in bed I thought WHAT IF SHE DIED IN THE NIGHT? And got myself fairly worked up.

When I got up, Kevin had been up there with her and said she was just fine. Whew.

Here she is; she has enjoyed lying on this kitty scratcher even though it doesn’t look particularly comfortable to me. But Lester has always relished lying on top of it, so it must be a cat thing.

Sweet kitty.

Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the story behind the title of this post – earlier in the week I was rummaging around in the basement searching for my Xmas gift bags. I have quite a collection of them and keep adding to it because I buy more after xmas, and some of them I save to give to Kevin, and the gift bags are a big part of my christmas wrapping experience. But after spending way too much time looking I finally gave up. Kevin then scoured the basement, looking in all the tubs down there, and there are many, many tubs. Many of them. He said he couldn’t find them, and I assured him that that had to be there, because what would have happened to them? Did somebody come in the night and steal them? That couldn’t have happened, because Riley would have alerted us, the way he hisses and growls at Spot whenever Spot appears at the kitty door in the back, hoping to get in.

Kevin went back down after a while and miraculously found them; he’d put a container of leather-working materials on top of my Very Important tub.

So whew for that. I’d be in much worse shape right now if I hadn’t had my gift bags.

Ok then,

Mrs. only a few more hours to get stuff done Hughes.