the other night randy said to me, “so you’re not writing on your site any more, huh?”  nope, i said.  i always say that when he says that.

problem is, the more days that pass, the more i think I MUST WRITE TODAY, and then i don’t, and then another day goes by and now it’s the MIDDLE OF AUGUST already. instead of hot sweltering heat, the days have been gorgeous and i’ve been trying to stay outside as much as possible.  we are going to have to take the boat out of the water tomorrow because the water level of the lake has dropped a lot.  it feels like we’ve hardly been out on the boat at all, and now we’re taking it out.  kinda sad.

anyway, i here’s a storm rolling in.  kevin got some pictures.

i was gone that day, but when i got back, i, too had to take some pictures because the sky looked so interesting.  plus here i think the boat cover looks like jiffy pop popcorn, popping.

yet another storm…down there in the left corner is our neighbor, in the water.

TUESDAY ALREADY.  this is the last tomb ceremony that kevin will be in for the year, so this is your last chance to see him in 2011.

that is all for now.

ok then,

tuesday morning grace.