kevin and i have been doing all kinds of projects outside because indian summer is coming to an end later in the day. it’s been in the 70s and i’ve gone running for the the past couple of mornings in shorts and a t-shirt. yesterday afternoon i power-washed the deck and all the splashing water didn’t feel cold at all, plus now the deck looks fantstic.

i have a couple more things to accomplish before the rains starts. it’s predicted for 4 p.m. so that gives me time, except it’s already cloudy. i’m going to clean mom’s gutters so hopefully the rain will hold off.

kevin bought a nifty boat cover to over-winter the pontoon boat in the driveway. the last couple of years we parked it in a building on the New Berlin fairgrounds but when the pandemic began last year there was some consternation that they might close the fishing ramps and we wouldn’t be able to launch the boat before they did so.

that didn’t happen, but i’m happy that now we can launch the boat whenever we feel like it in the spring – there was only one weekend in may where they’d let us get our boats out, and i had to call the guy in charge many times to persuade him to get them out early.

if this cover works out, it’ll also save us money. it took a very long time to put together the shell on October 25th. the instructions were very sparse it was really difficult to connect the pieces.

whew, the shell was ready to go. it seems very stable and we have confidence that it’ll survive however much snow and wind we have over the winter.

next, we unfolded the giant tarp. the brand is called “navigloo,” like a navigable igloo. it seems sturdy.

inside the boat as we had to move the poles around after securing the cover.

Mom and i helped with the project, and when it was done Kevin and i wove ropes under the tarp to secure it to the trailer. we started in the back, covering the motor, but when we got to the front there was a gap.

kevin said we could shift the tarp and scoot all the straps forward to close the gap, but we were too tired to finish that day.

we planned to do it a couple of days later but kevin finished it when i was gone. not that he didn’t appreciate our help, but i think he’s content to do it all himself.

even though the tarp seem strong it might not last all winter, but hopefully it’ll survive at least one. we can always replace it but maybe the structure will last a long time. we’ll see.

and that’s it for this morning as i’m about to leap up and go for one more jog in my shorts.

ok then,