Hmm, hopefully that’s not wishful thinking. We’ve had a few unseasonably warm days lately, but it’s only March, after all. But even if we get more snow that’s OK because buds are starting to poke up out of the ground and spring is just right around the corner.

So even if these aren’t the last of the snow pictures, at least this is all for February.

On the 22nd, even though much of the snow was melted, the lake was still frozen solid.

Maybe you can see how thick the ice was underneath the water.

That evening the other side of the lake was lit up by the setting sun.

The next day more ice had melted but the underlayment of ice was still thick.

As I walked back up the hill these two deer were watching me.

They’re getting maybe too tame…

On Feb 27the even though the snow was pretty much gone, the ice persisted.

These little ducks were marching around in their cute duck-like way.

Just left of center, right under the smokestack that’s third from the right, there’s some kind of vessel! It looked so tiny that I thought it might be a kayak, but it was so far away that it could have been some crazy boater, out there at the edge of the ice.

So even if we still have snow, at least the lake won’t freeze over again. Right now it’s in the 60s but we’re supposed to have 30-50 MPH winds today. I’m going to go for a run later, theoretically, and hopefully I won’t be blown over.

Ok then, I hope your Wednesday is a good one,