The bitter cold has settled in, with temperatures maybe climbing into the teens, and it’s just going to get worse this weekend. It’s 16 right now but feels like 2 degrees, and over the weekend the high temperature will be 8 and three on saturday and sunday.

What do I do? Stay inside a whole lot.

Meanwhile, here are my final photos of January. On January 29 there were many geese out on the frozen lake and a couple of squirrels at the bird feeder.

The cardinal is eyeing the squirrel, I’m sure wishing that he knew how to take him out.

And then there were three squirrels, trying to completely take over the feeder and the seeds close by.

I love this squirrel’s curly tail, as the geese are so plentiful out on the ice that they look out of focus.

Finally the squirrels cleared out the birds took over again.

Right at this moment the yard is filled with geese, who I’ve been watching a lot lately. I’ll have to post a video of them as they sat in the yard while some of them swam in the water around the bubbler down at the dock.

The other evening I watched them as they left the yard in small groups, soaring away and then circling back to land in the little pool of water around the dock. When it got dark I couldn’t make them out but was pretty sure that the water was completely filled with geese, and when I finally went to bed I walked out on the back deck off the bedroom and could hear them down there, squawking at each other. Maybe they stay warm like that?

Maybe the moon will be out one night and I’ll be able to see them.

As life continues to filled with not much else going on.

But one huge thing is that last night I successful signed Mom up for her two vaccines, one on Monday and the next in a month. Yesterday her friend Wanda told Mom that her hairdresser told her that new appointments became available at midnight at Hy-Vee if you went on right then. I spent some time yesterday trying to get Mom to figure out how to do that, since I wasn’t going to be up at midnight.

But I stayed up too late again and suddenly realized it was midnight and I quickly clicked on the Hy-Vee website and sure enough, there were appointments every fifteen minutes all day on Monday. I frantically called Mom, who couldn’t make it happen but then I realized I could do it for her. When I clicked on the appointments I was then supposed to upload her insurance card, so I told Mom she could take a picture with her phone and send it to me, and she finally did. Yay! When I completed the final step it said the appointment time was no longer available, but I was able to get her in at a little later in the afternoon.

The thing is, I hope getting a vaccine gets easier. The only reason we knew about going online at midnight is because of Wanda’s hairdresser, and how many people who are eligible right now stay up til midnight, and how many of them know how to upload their insurance card?

But Mom has a date, a very good thing.

ok then,

mrs. february hughes.