so there’s something wrong with me, it’s probably not fatal (although of course if you think about it, LIFE is fatal, but let’s not dwell on that on this warm and fabulous sunday afternoon), but last week i was cleaning and suddenly felt faint and had to sit down and then had to take it easy for the rest of the day, and that’s how it’s been now for several days and yesterday morning i woke up feeling just fine, thanks, but then i was sitting on the couch attempting the damn sudoku and i couldn’t even hardly do it and then it all just became too much and i had to close the computer and felt…the thing is, not BAD, just…bad.  just, without energy and kind of like fainting but not like actually fainting, but NOT RIGHT.

so i finally decided i needed to go to the doctor, and the new prompt care place is SO CLOSE to our house plus it’s really new and nice and lovely and there’s a really nice floral print easy chair in the restroom but i felt that if we tried to steal it they would notice.  plus because it hasn’t been open very long there were NO OTHER PEOPLE THERE, and i got right in.

and i won’t go into the details about the collecting of the blood, except that it had to be done three times because of accidental blood squirting out of my arm, and then trying the other arm and even though i APPEAR to have a good vein there, this vein is ACTUALLY NOT WORKING because NO BLOOD AT ALL CAME OUT, plus i’ve tried to give blood using this arm before and it took almost forever to get a little bit of blood out.  then the poor nurse was so upset that she messed up plus she hurt me that she got a different nurse to come and try again, and this one said she might not need to take any more blood, but then she did but it wasn’t bad at all and now i guess i’ve told you all of it.

and anyway, what did they find?  NOTHING.  they have to check my thyroid, blah blah blah i’m BORING MYSELF HERE, and i have to go to the doctor tomorrow morning and wait around all day, and i bet HE WILL FIND NOTHING.

and this would be good, it would mean i’m fine…EXCEPT I’M NOT FINE.  you might know that i’m normally very very active and busy and running around and i’ve basically been sitting around killing zombies since wednesday, except when we went to the baseball game on thursday but i didn’t mention how crappy i felt during the game because THE WHOLE THING ANNOYS ME A LOT.

but anyway, the IRISH CAR BOMB CHOCOLATE CUPCAKE CURE, oh my god!!!!

amy has been very worried about me and has been bringing over food, and making sure i’m not doing anything but sitting around or napping and she came over and gave me a big lecture earlier today cause i was picking up gumballs from in front of the house, but i told her that i was SITTING ON THE GROUND while doing it, so i wasn’t really using that much energy.  i was being very slow about it, not a big whirlwind like i usually am.

but anyway, amy had talked about going to somebody’s house and having these fabulous cupcakes, and they’re called IRISH CAR BOMB CUPCAKES.  jim had said that on st. patrick’s day, a drink called an irish car bomb is a glass of guiness with a shot of bailey’s and whiskey dropped in it.  YUCK.  but the cupcakes…they’re made with some guiness, which makes them super moist, and there’s chocolate ganache in the middle of them, which is basically chocolate and cream and maybe butter, and it makes a delicious chocolatey fabulous center, and on top is butter cream frosting made with a little bailey’s irish cream.

amy liked the fact that you really couldn’t taste any of the alcohol, but i wouldn’t mind a little bailey’s flavor myself.  but after she’d had one of these cupcakes i’d been thinking and thinking about them, and when we were at the baseball game on thursday, she made the cupcakes.  she had already made them when we were in the car on the way to the game, and she texted me a picture.

this was the first time she’d done any piping, and she said the whole thing took a LONG time.


when we got home from the game on thursday night, i was hungry because we had an early lunch and i didn’t eat much and then didn’t eat anything at the game because i just wanted to sit there and keep it all together.  i had a half a cupcake that night, and then one more cupcake.  MMMMMMM.

and then, somehow between thursday and saturday i had FIVE IRISH CAR BOMB CUPCAKES.

i do think they’re restorative and surely must be good for me.

plus they’re helping me to have plenty of padding for all this DAMN SITTING DOWN I’M FORCED TO DO.

i’m not going to waste away, anyway.  and i’m definitely getting my daily dose of sugar and butter.

wait, here’s a link in case you’re dying to make your own batch of the irish car bomb cupcakes.  amy decided to make a lot more frosting than was required, but you really only need a thin layer because it’s very, VERY rich, but of course i ate every scrump of frosting anyway.


that is all for now.

ok then,

mrs. sunday afternoon hughes.