which happened last week…many things have happened since then.  but first, a photo of the very first tomb ceremony, last tuesday night.  i wonder if they’ll be out there in the rain tonight?  maybe it won’t be raining, but it’ll be mighty soggy out there.  maybe i’ll wear my galoshes.  well, i don’t actually own any galoshes, but if i did, i’d wear them.  flip flops it is!

this is the first time in its 100-year history that the international sailing regatta has been held on an inland body of water.  the official title of the thing is the International Star Western Hemisphere Regatta.  The regatta featured more than 30 Star Class yachts, which are 22-foot, Olympic-class keelboats.  here’s our first view of them as we rode under the vachel lindsay bridge.

kevin, mollie, and mom.  mollie LOOKS happy, but she got pretty hot that morning.  we tried to give her water, but she just kicked her bowl over.

mollie watches intently as kevin lifts the anchor out of the water.

here’s the first video i took of the race.

here are other people checking out the race.

the racers came from all over, including japan and australia.

the second video…

here’s the guy starting to go over the edge…

…and here he is, fully extended, although he looks like he’s doing a situp.

our lovely dock area, as we sailed back to shore.

i have more pictures from the next day of racing, plus more.  soon.

ok then,

mrs. tuesday morning hughes.