a few days ago i fell in the driveway.  the driveway is made of a very hard black substance.  not concrete, it must be asphalt.

i was watering flowers and somehow i tripped over the hose.  my knee bled and got a scab.

saturday i took mollie, numie and noodle for a run and almost immediately, when we were going through the little bit of woods on our way out to the field, i fell.  the dogs were very sweet and didn’t even try to run off.

at least the hard ground was not as hard or abrasive as the asphalt, but that fall was a little more spectacular, and i got dirt in my scab and cut open the other knee and got other little nicks and scrapes and lots of dirt on me.

luckily it wasn’t a beauty contest run.

yesterday i was scraping the old cracked plastic off the brackets for our six flower boxes for the deck.  i’d bought new brackets cause the old ones are so nasty, but they didn’t fit and i don’t think you can get them to fit, so i decided instead of re-paint the old ones.

the first bracket went well, not too much tough plastic was cracked, so it didn’t take very long.  i washed it and it is all ready to paint.

the second one, though, had lots more cracked places and i realized i wasn’t going to finish the job in an hour, like i’d hoped.  kevin had given me an array of tools to try for the scraping, including a wire brush which didn’t work so well, and some scraper thing that didn’t do the job.

the third tool, though, was a serious scraper, about a five inch wide sharp razor blade on a sturdy stick, and it was doing a great job of scraping.

you see where i’m going, don’t you?

i was gouging and gouging and then GOUGED my little finger.  OOOOWWWWW.  a huge gash, and blood started running down my arm.  kevin made me wash it and then he covered it very tightly with a waterproof band-aid after dabbing on neosporin.  it didn’t hurt so much as it THROBBED.  because i was making mom a meal for mother’s day, i had many things to do, so i kept forgetting to take any advil.  it hurt every once in a while, but then it didn’t so much.

last night before bed i took off the bandage and big gouge looked very deep and bad and blood started oozing out of it again.  i put on a fresh bandage and it really hurt a lot so i finally took advil.

and now, when i’m sitting here typing, it hurts to type “p”, or exclamation points, or to hit enter.  so i’m to do that with another finger.

i feel bad for this little finger, because i got a big red bump on it last summer and first i thought i’d injured it (because i do that a lot, as you know), but it turned out to be arthritis.  i’ve been taking something called hyaluronic acid twice a day, and the redness has gone away and it rarely bothers me.  but this is my one trauma finger.

chester, will always lie on any box anywhere, or preferably in it, which is what he did once i’d opened the box.

we should all try to be as relaxed as les.

ok then,

mrs. monday morning hughes.