lucy, that is. that’s what jerri and brendan call lucy. i think it’s because of the term “loosey goosey.” i’m pretty sure. i used to know, but like everything else, i forgot.

they arrived about 11 this morning; i was on a walk after finally getting the place tidied up so it didn’t look like a hellhole anymore. not that this place could ever look like a hellhole, but let’s just say it was QUITE messy. plus lots of pawprints all over the wide expanse of floor.

brooklyn followed me around a little bit and got fresh pawprints on the floor. i walked around with paper towels under my feet, trying to get it all clean and dry. it looks MUCH better. i should have taken before and after pictures! then they’d have been really really impressed by my cleaning efforts.

here are just a handful of the many many photos we took at the El Matador Beach. this first one is the spectacular view you have up at the top of the path that you walk down to get to the beach.

beach view

here’s me in front of one of the cool caves.

beach cave

as we walked down the beach, this is one of the houses we saw. i remember this house from the last time i was there, and i love it. it’s so close to the water, and it would be unbelievable to actually stay there, or to live there, so close to the ocean. i’d like to live on the ocean someday. is it even possible? is there anyplace in the US where you can live on the ocean without being incredibly wealthy? or better yet, is there some way for me to get incredibly wealthy? must research making a bunch of money having a blog. SURELY it’s possible.

beach house

when we first got to the beach, it was slightly cool and cloudy. but then the sun came out and it was warm and fabulous and i took so many pictures.




we walked south, towards malibu, and there were lots and lots of houses. i’m sure that celebrities must live in some of them. but then again, if they did, wouldn’t there be a fence? but can you put up a fence on the beach? i don’t think so. up the other way, where i took a photo of that lone houses, there were a few places scattered up high, and they had long long stairways down to the beach, but most of the stairs had a fence halfway up, so anybody couldn’t just walk up to the house.

so surely this huge houses must not belong to celebrities. but very very very rich people. i know that you can’t just drive on the road to the houses; they’re all gated.


i kept telling people that you see El Matador beach on TV commercials and in movies and stuff. and on Monday there were two different photo shoots going on. both were using male models. I had G. (Grover) pretend to take a photo of me, so he could get a good shot of the photo shoot. the guy had just taken off his shirt and gotten it wet,then they were messing with his hair.

photo shoot

one more cave.


on the way up the hill to the car.

beach grace

after the beach, we drove back down the pacific coast highway and stopped at a restaurant called Duke’s and had a drink out on the patio overlooking the water. nice.

there are many beautiful places here in LA.

but i’m still looking forward to going back to Spfld tomorrow. i hear that spring has sprung.

ok then,