the good – i slept and slept; i don’t think i’ve had enough sleep for at least a month.  i made up for it last night.  the only time i woke up it was because chester was attacking poor skinny winnie somewhere in the house, so i came and got the poor baby and brought him into bed with us.  and then i went back to sleep!  quite a happy miracle.

here he is, in a happier time, before chester came into his life to terrorize the poor guy all the time.

at least he’s not sleeping out in the street…

the bad news…when i got up, kevin had a bad look on his face.  i asked him what was wrong, and he said lester had brought a bird into the house.  i asked if it was alive or dead.  alive when he brought it in, but then he quickly killed it before kevin could rescue it.  baaaaad kitty.

he had just been sleeping right next to me.  he works fast.  and you understand, he’s confined to the fenced-in yard.  birds need to be smarter.

here are some photos of my show, before i went on.  i hung out in the big utility room, which had a really loud annoying humming noise – the noise was so loud that you had to be right next to somebody to hear them.  not the most glamorous place in the world, plus when i got in there it was about a hundred degrees.

i love this photo so much because amy is wearing her very tall boots and i kind of look like a hobbit.

i wonder what mom is saying here.  very funny.  erica, on the left, videotaped both shows, which was very nice of her.

both dad and mom commented that they thought i should wear the slippers for the show, for added comedic effect.  i nixed that idea.  you can see all that stuff i brought with me over there on the left…lots of stuff.  i brought so much makeup, but i didn’t need to touch it up at all.

this is a beautiful picture of bev.

mom and me…she looks like some kind of military figure, i think.

the dangerously high heels!  damn they were uncomfortable, but soooo glamorous.  who knows when i’ll wear them again; some fancy event where i don’t have to move.

emerging from the hot and loud room, about to start the show!

i am going to finish up the show video today, so you can watch the whole thing if you want to.

and i HAVE to take down all those damn xmas decorations!

ok then,

mrs. new year h.