these swans might have been stragglers from “twelve days of christmas.”  is it seven swans a swimming, or eight?  anyway, there were only two of them, and on the morning of the 26th kevin tried to get a picture but they were being mighty elusive.  can you see them both?  one is behind the tree on the left, and the other one is hiding behind the catamaran on the right.

once again, they’re on the edges of the frame.

later in the morning the sun came out…isn’t that something, the difference between the gray skies and the blue?  no wonder it makes such a big difference on everybody’s moods.  this is the best shot we could get that day.

meanwhile, mollie got her second birthday present, this one a GIGANTIC rawhide bone.  she was even more excited about it than about the one she’d gotten on christmas.

she almost immediately tried to take it out the doggie door, but it was way too big to fit.  i finally had to open the door for her, and she trotted right out and started searching for a place to bury it.

here’s a short video, as she hurries around the yard trying to find the perfect burying spot.  it also shows her trying to get out the doggie door.

she did finally get it buried, and then, later in the day she managed to bring it back in through the doggie door because she gripped it in her teeth at one end so she could angle it in.  she trotted all around the living room with it and then proceeded to devour one end.

she’s done this every day since then, picking it up at some point, prancing around with it, and then stopping to gnaw on it.  she will probably get bored with it after a while, and will bury it out in the yard.  in a few months she’ll bring it back, all muddy and gross, and will have a lovely rawhide feast.

we were babysitting numie and noodle yesterday and noodle was out in the yard.  i looked out and he was carrying a rawhide in his mouth – it was the one we’d given mollie on christmas, so she’d already buried that one.  noodle had this awful, sad look on his face – he desperately wanted to bring it in, but he knew he wasn’t supposed to have it.  amy and jim don’t let him have anything really hard because he has weak teeth, and maybe cracks in his teeth.  it’s very very expensive to have dental work done on a dog, and they would like to preserve his teeth as long as possible.  i’m sure that doggie dentures are even more outlandishly expensive.

anyway, noodle finally, reluctantly came up the stairs and into the house, still trying to not do that.  i let him in and got out a bag of doggie treats to try to entice him to drop the bone.  kevin grabbed it and pulled, and noodle was up on his hind legs, trying with all his might to keep ahold of the bone.  he even took a doggie treat and had that in his mouth, too.  after a while he finally got too tired to grip it any longer and i gave him many treats.  poor deprived little guy.

ok then,

mrs. h.