my neck has been hurting so much that i decided to get up and find some drugs in the closet. now i’m waiting for them to kick in.

i decided to turn on Saturday Night Live, knowing there was a risk of seeing yet another INCREDIBLY ANNOYING commentary shilling for hillary clinton.

instead, i turned it on as the they were doing the news, and there was tracy morgan. he talked a little bit about the idiocy of geraldine ferraro; he said that if obama got where he is because he’s black, then he, tracy would be president because tracy is “blacker than obama.” he also pointed out that if Hillary was qualified to be president because her husband had been president, then Robin Givens (former wife of mike tyson), was qualified to be the heavyweight boxing champion.

he was funny, he was cool, he made good points. and then he referred to tina fey’s MOST ANNOYING OF ALL talk about how yes, hillary is a bitch, but “bitches get things done.”

Tracy said, “i love you tina, but bitch may be the new black, but black be the next president.”



saturday night grace.