here’s a photo that jim sent me when he took that splendid video of the sunrise over the lake back on sunday september 2nd.

I captured a few imaged from the video, as well. You can see the white pelicans better here.

On that same sunday i tried to capture the fantastic sight in the sky but this is the best i could come up with. on that saturday i’d looked up and saw big gaggles of geese flying through the sky, going from east to west as far as i could see. but on saturday it was cloudy plus i saw them while driving so it wasn’t so easy to get a photo.

but sunday morning it was the same thing only this time i was in a parking lot and the sky was a glorious blue.

later i went running and saw another deer posing for a photo.

after that, kevin, the kitties and i spent some time in the sunshine. photos of that to come soon.

but gee, february seems to be whooshing by already which is good because that means spring isn’t so far off. kevin is all better and amy is mostly better except for a residual cough which seems to be chronic in all us smith women.

ok then,

mrs. monday morning hughes.