I’m pretty sure that every year i post photos of the dazzling red trees over by the university. but that’s not going to stop me from doing it again. here they are on October 25th.

Here are a couple from November 4th when they hadn’t changed much.

But then, November 8th after a few days of strong winds, the leaves were mostly gone. that didn’t take long.

Here’s a couple of lovely trees back on November 4th. they’re at the spencer house, on the way over to the field.

Here’s mom on that same day. i just drove along here today and there’s not one single leaf left. so it goes.

We’ve had a few unexpectedly warm days in November; yesterday i went running in a t-shirt and shorts. It was supposed to be nice last night and we were going to have our last cookout down at the dock but then it started getting cold and rainy in the afternoon so instead kevin took a very long nap.

today it’s gray and chilly but eventually i’ll peel myself up off the couch to go for a walk with mom.

this morning i made a very last-minute decision to go to the store to get some cat food. we’re down to five cans of fancy feast chunky chicken cat food, the one with the green label. the last time i was at the store they were out and this morning i decided i should get some now instead of waiting til monday because by then the shelves would be bare.

i got up at eight and was in the store by 8:45. and bitterly disappointed because they were once again out of chunky chicken in the can with the green label.

i texted kevin to see if he could order some on amazon but they were also out, and he did an internet search and they didn’t have it in stock anywhere. on the Meijer website it said they had it so i regretfully drove all the way to meijer…and none was to be had there, either.

i called kevin and we discussed other options to try for our incredibly fussy and fuzzy kitties. i got an assortment of different kinds so hopefully they’ll eat some of it at least.

i cam home and did another search and i think they’ve discontinued it, but i can’t find those words exactly.

it’s always something.

ok then

saturday afternoon grace although it feels like it’s still early morning.