we moved the cat food out of the garage so the unnamed animal (midget deer, bunny, possum, or some unidentified beast) won’t keep eating it. now the food is on the dresser in the front bedroom, which seems like not such a great place for cat food, but we were running out of options.

we had thought about trying to capture the mysterious animal(s) in some sort of animal-friendly trap, but we probably would have only trapped the kitties.

as you can see, things are quite thrilling around here.

on our thirday day in hawaii, we flew to kauai and i wish i’d taken a picture of the airport there. the oahu airport is big and international, but the kauai airport is tiny and made of dark brown wood and is in the middle of a field and the ocean is very close by and it’s very quaint and funny.

we drove to poipu beach; our condo was near it. we had a little balcony which in hawaii is called a lanai, and we could see the ocean from it and we spent a lot of time out there.

we drove down the way to the hyatt resort. this is where amy and jim got married two years ago. well, they got married somewhere near the resort, and then they and mom and dad had lunch at one of the hyatt’s fancy restaurants. here’s a picture of it.


it looked really nice and we talked about having lunch there on our very last day in hawaii, but we didn’t end up doing that. it was, indeed, ridiculously expensive – i think the coffee was 12 dollars or something like that.

the hyatt was on shipwreck beach, and here’s one good photo of it.

shipwreck beach

we came back to the beach another day and saw a couple of guys jump off that very high rock in the background. crazy, definitely.

here’s me and kevin on the grounds of the hyatt. there were lots and lots of people milling around that first night because they we having the weekly giant luau, which we didn’t attend. behind us is a cabana; they were set up all along the beach in back of the resort and you could rent them.

me and kevin hyatt

this is one of my favorite hawaii photos. it makes me want to be there right now. kevin took the picture from the hotel balcony overlooking the grounds. on the balcony is a great bar where you can sit and have drinks and food and watch the ocean. we went back there a few times because the view was spectacular. it was never crowded, surprisingly. in the evenings there were different performers playing; sometimes a guitarist, sometimes there was a hula dance. all the entertainment was facing the lobby bar just inside the hotel. there was no door, though, so we could hear it as well as being up close to the ocean view.

paradise, that’s all i’m saying.

palm trees

ok then,

thursday grace.