there’s a brief respite, now, from the slew of xmas FABULOUS SALE e-mails that arrive many times a day.  instead, i’ve received a few xmas greetings from different vendors, but they’re kind of lame.  i like those e-cards where you click on something and then something magical happens; they’re a little corny, but always cute.  my friend linda sent me one, and i was happy to take a few moments out of my frantic day to watch it.

of course, the day after tomorrow it will be back to UNBELIEVABLE SALES all over again.

i have to go dig two ping pong balls from under the couch, where lester was furiously playing.  he managed to lose both of them, after valiantly squeezing most of his round little body deep under the couch.

ok then, i hope your day is good,

mrs. g.h.