today i opened the fridge, and there was the bag of sunflower seeds, the ones i use in salad.  yes, i did make salad last night, and yes, i was rushing around, and then, yes, i did put the sunflower seeds in the firdge.

at least now they’re cold.

plus i think it’s a step up, the fact that they are DEFINITELY FOOD, as opposed to, say, a phone book.

things are very quiet around here and i’m fighting this crazy sunday night feeling of sadness which is SO STUPID because there’s nothing to bad sad about this sunday night.

i mean, nothing more than there is to be sad about at any other time.

it’s that weird sunday night thing, the learned sinking feeling when i used to have to go to school, which was awful much of the time, or when i had to go to one horrible job or another.


you better hurry up and get your gifts, because christmas is COMING FAST.

i have no indoor decorations up yet but i’m really getting the urge to put some up.  especially some colorful lights, because it’s been gray and bleak for several days now.

ok then, good luck with your monday morning,

mrs. g.h.