and i’m having trouble getting motivated.  kevin went off to the shooting range bright and early, and i’m still sitting on the screened porch in my nightgown.  i walked down to the dock, which took a lot of effort.

the president of the gun club where they had the civil war skirmish, and where they do the cowboy shoots every month, had some neighbors to the property put lots and lots of mud on the property.  this was mud that was dredged up from the neighbor’s pond, and it was full of runoff from the pesticide-chocked farms nearby.  the resulting sludge is stinky, awful stuff, that isn’t going to be good for planting any grass over any time soon.  clearly the gun club president doesn’t know much about farming or dredging. The skirmishers came from wisconsin and northern illinois, and most if not all of them camped at the club.  one guy told kevin that as he was lying in his tent, if he turned to face the wall he could smell the pungent sludge odor.

not the greatest camping experience.

here’s a pile of the sludge.

i went out to the club to pick up kevin, and he was there with his friend garrick.  i thought it was funny that they were wearing almost identical shirts.  they had a good time, despite the stinkiness and their jobs of carrying water and doing all kinds of tasks to make sure the shoot went smoothly.

yesterday when kevin was at the shoot, i wasn’t just lollygagging around here like i am today.  mom and a couple of her friends came out for a boat ride, and i also invited erica to join us.

it was a beautiful day for a boat ride, and mollie was, as usual, happy to go along.  but then we stopped at a park on the other side of the lake for a bathroom break, and we tied up the boat at the edge of their dock.  mollie was anxious to get on shore, but she slipped stepping off the boat onto the dock and fell right down into the water.

the problem is that, well, she’s kind of heavy to pull up when she’s wet.  luckily she was wearing her harness, so there was something to grab onto, but sharon and i were pulling and she just wasn’t coming up, plus the boat kept trying to bump into the dock which would have squashed her.  i kept shrieking and pushing the boat away from the dock as we struggled to pull her up, as she paddled furiously while looking up at me so heartbreakingly that i couldn’t stand it.

then there was a SPLASH in the water.  erica, the only person on the boat wearing jeans, jumped in to save her.  she swam over and pushed mollie from below and we pulled again and up mollie came.  WHEW.

i said that at least everybody can know that i can be counted upon to panic in a crisis.

mollie was just fine after her rescue, and she was happy to sit next to erica when we all got back on the boat.  when we had all gone up the hill at the park, erica stayed in the water swimming.  i’m pretty sure she really wanted to swim anyway, but it must have been a little challenging, swimming in heavy heavy jeans.

when we set off again, erica wrapped a towel around herself and took off the jeans.  luckily sharon had an extra t-shirt, so erica changed into that.  here’s grateful mollie with her rescuer.

the rest of the trip was without incident.

after i picked up kevin, we drove to his friend wayne’s house.  remember when kevin was helping with wayne’s extensive basement remodeling?  after months and months, the basement is now completely done and i can’t believe i totally forgot to take any pictures of it.  it looks fantastic, plus his daughter, fresh from culinary school, prepared a delicious meal for a crowd of people.

when we went outside, the sky was beautiful.  my camera phone couldn’t do it justice.

i have SO MANY FAIR PHOTOS that i must put up here, but now i really have to get up since soon it will be 11 o’clock and mollie needs to go for a walk even though it’s almost too hot for it.

ok then,

sunday slow-moving grace.