i’m convinced now that we’re going from winter to summer, no spring at all.  my poor daffodils have been trying valiantly to bloom but it’s a good thing they haven’t because the snow is going to start again any minute now.  ridiculous.

I just hurt my leg somehow, skidding on the floor.  how?  why?

the news about Winnie isn’t good.  he has mast cells in his spleen, and if they were somewhere else they might not be bad, but his spleen didn’t look good to begin with.  so, spleen cancer.  no good options – we won’t put him through chemo and the other option is to remove his spleen, which we certainly won’t do either.

right now, anyway, he’s still eating and sleeping and seems happy, mostly.  we have pain meds we can give him; we’ve done it a few times, when he start attacking the other cats, a sign that he’s feeling bad.  at least it’s a liquid that we can squirt into his mouth with a syringe; he doesn’t like it but it’s not like trying to give him pills.

whew, it’s always something.


lester enjoys his walks.  here he is under the neighbor’s car.

and up on the sailboat…

and under a neighbor’s canoe…

…and in their shed.

we haven’t taken many walks lately cause of the cold weather.

and riley continues to be very cute.  more photos soon.

ok then,

mrs. are you kidding me it’s about to snow on april 8th hughes.