that is how i feel.  can’t even get the “ghhhhh” part out.

yesterday morning, got up bright and early, went to amy’s second zumba class, was a little groggy but ok.

bustled around, got a lot done, had a few women over for a tea party.  drank two (small)cups of tea.

one big cup later.

last night, turned off the light at 11.  totally wide awake.  just lying there, thinking i’d get up and play another video game.

soooo wide awake.

and then mollie came in and dropped a big piece of her huge christmas rawhide by the side of the bed.  globs of mud fell on the rug, and lots more mud and leaves were clinging to it.

i wrestled it out of her paws, took it in the bathroom and scraped away the debris, washing away the mud.

i gave it back to her, and she proceeded to chomp and gnaw and i tried to sleep and realized i’d never get to sleep with all that racket.  i tried to take it from her but she’d have none of it, but instead trotted out of the room.

i went back to bed and listened as she scurried all around the house.  she went upstairs, she went into the basement, and i knew she was trying to find the perfect place to bury the bone again.

she finally came back in the bedroom and started scratching at her doggie bed.  she kept it up so long that i was sure she’d make a hole in it, so i got up and put a blanket over it.

that calmed her down, and she lied on the rug, panting from all her hard work.

i took a special ibuprofen PM and finally went to sleep.

so, very groggy this morning.

it’s going to be crazy warm this week, in the 70s every day, so i must wake right up, lots to do.

photos later.

ok then,

mrs. springtime hughes.