…Plus, There have been 1,276 of my cheesecake video on YouTube already. Crazy!

Meanwhile, I can’t believe it’s March, and there were so many inside things I’d planned on accomplishing during the winter. Oh well. Here’s lots of birds out on the frozen lake on January 11th.

Lester, being so darling as usual on January 14th.

Riley, also darling, thinking about swatting down Dobby up on the kitty tower.

Mom and I went for a walk at Lincoln Memorial Gardens on Jan. 18th and it was kind of late in the day.

It was great for a sunset photo.


And finally, Spot decided to jump up on top of the kitty house outside. Oh boy. We’ve since started squirting a squirt gun in his general direction when he climbs over the fence which has sort of deterred him. It’s always something.

Meanwhile, right at this moment in time, 10:38 on Saturday, March 5th, I have no business sitting around writing. We’re having people over tonight for a belated birthday dinner for Toun and I have quite a few things to do. I’m also going to go running soon because it’s going to get up to 71 today, whoo hoo for that!

Of course, there’s a chance of snow later in the week but it is March, after all.

ok then,

Mrs. Gotta Get Up Right Now Hughes.