jerri sent me an e-mail this morning; she and brendan and the goose will be arriving tomorrow morning around 11. she said that maybe after VBB goes to sleep, we can play some cards.

VBB is “very bad baby.” i guess cute and adorable little lucy is being kind of bad. i assume this doesn’t mean she’s shoplifting or smoking illegal drugs or anything.

bad. maybe she’s just tired of NYC. she’ll probably be a perfect baby when she gets back here to LA. i’m interested in seeing how she and Brooklyn, giant white wolf dog, interact.

i’m also going to miss this place which i now think of as my own.

how can i go back to spfld and my plain dishes and stuff after all of this splendor?

especially the staples center right across the way. there’s no game tonight, so it’s eerily quiet over there.

i have to put up some photos from the beach where we went on monday. we took lots and lots of pictures of the beach. el matador beach, the coolest beach in LA.

but not right now. i had a massage and now i’m pretty sleepy and am going to bed.

the massage was great. at the New Otani hotel, it’s a japanese hotel and i had a massage there many years ago. they call it shiatsu massage. i studied shiatsu massage as part of my massage training, at the shiatsu school of santa monica. this was kind of like the stuff i learned, only different. the woman massage therapist was fairly big and BOY did she used a lot of pressure. and i realized that every single thing on my whole body hurts.

i’m feeling very mellow tonight. i toyed with the idea of going to the beach, and going to see a comedy show tonight, but i just wasn’t in the mood.

before the massage i was sitting in the tiny waiting room dressed in a hospital gown and this guy came in wearing boxer shorts and he was also waiting. he struck up a conversation and i told him i’m a massage therapist and he said he felt a little weird being there in the boxers they supply, but he felt comfortable talking to me because i’m a paid professional, and he asked me lots of questions about myself.

his name is dwight. he’s a third generation angelino, very rare indeed. he’s a commercial real estate broker. he gets lots of massages, but had never had a shiatsu massage.

i don’t know if he liked it, because he was gone by the time i was done.

afterwards i sat in the sauna. i walked in and a japanese guy was sitting on the floor reading a paper. i thought this funny. the sauna was quite hot.

after that i went to Little Tokyo, a place with restaurants and shops very close by, and i was going to buy some sushi at a little grocery store but the selection was sparce by then. also i was slightly leery of buying sushi at the grocery store.

instead i came back to the fabulous apartment and had leftovers and watched sex & the city.

everything is good.

i sleep now. also good. pictures tomorrow, after i vacuum and mop and straighten things up, all before eleven a.m.

ok then,

sleepy wednesday grace.