i’ve had three of them thus far. they’re not the regular kind you get at the store, the kind in the little milk cartons; these are from pease’s candy, and they have an ultra-thick delicious chocolate coating and they’re pretty much the perfect food.

kevin gave them to me last night before we went out to dinner and i only ate a couple, so as to not ruin my appetite. we went to the WILDWOODS LODGE & PUB, this place way over on the west side of town, and i had a bison burger and ate a lot of randy’s fried pickles which were incredibly delicious, and ate some of david’s fries from his ponyshoe, also delicious, and then we went home and i had a big piece of CHOCOLATE CAKE WITH CHOCOLATE FROSTING and i guess i still feel a little sick from all the fried food and chocolate plus some wine, so i’m not sure why i felt it necessary to eat the malted m. balls just now.

i guess that instead of being like a preteen or a teenager like i was yesterday, today, now that i’m another year older, i’m regressing even more and am more like a little kid. when we were really little, david and i would get up on saturday mornings and eat a bunch of stuff while watching cartoons, before mom and dad got up. david went for the potato chips, but i have always been a chocolate chip girl.

this morning i was flipping through one of the many catalogs i get now, catalogs full of stuff i’d never buy, and in it was a “magickal weight-loss necklace.” it’s made of all kinds of different crystals, which clearly must have many magickal properties which make you lose weight. why didn’t anybody think of that before?

perhaps i should decide that my malted milk balls have magickal weight-loss properties. even if they don’t work quite as well as the magickal necklace, they taste much better.

ok then,

day-after-birthday grace.