i just can’t say.  i was about to edit some photos from august, which is GONE NOW, and i realized that i still have photos from july.

just can’t seem to catch up.

today is going to be the last hot day of summer, i think.  i hope i have time to go jump in the lake one more time, but i doubt that will happen.

we had more balloon flowers in front of the house than last year, so next year they should be even better.  i didn’t even know of the existence of balloon flowers until a few years ago, and i love them.  these were taken on july 15th; a few are still blooming, but they’re winding down now.  because it’s SEPTMEMBER.

i just love the way they do look like balloons before they open.  i had planted a few down by the water the year before i planted these, but they’re not doing so well.  they clearly need lots and lots of sun.

amy sent me this darling picture of little numie.  such a darling dog.

just because kevin lost the sight in his right eye – it’s getting a tiny bit better, and he goes back to the opthamologist in two weeks and hopefully she’ll do more laser surgery and hopefully his eye will be better soon – that didn’t stop him from going out on his catamaran, even though my experience on the catamaran makes me think that it’s kind of dangerous, even if you have two good eyes.

but i’m not adept at stuff like that.

one saturday morning at the end of july he went out on the water, as i was busy getting ready for some gathering or other inside.  the water looked a little bit turbulent, but not so bad.

but after noon, as they do every nice weekend day, more and more boats started appearing on the water.  and then it got more and more windy.  hmm.

i walked down to the pontoon boat to clean it and saw kevin straight across the lake, past all the pretty huge waves and the many many boats buzzing all around and exceeding the speed limit.

hmm.  and then i saw him capsize.  uh oh.  i watched, hoping that he’d get back up soon, but he didn’t, so i ran up the hill.  amy was out on her deck with her dogs, and i asked her to come with me to go rescue him.

so amy, noodle, numie and i set off across the lake.  the waves were ridiculous, and the water was full of boats.  by this time kevin had turned the catamaran over and it was upright, but i didn’t know how he would ever make it all the way home.

when we reached him, a police boat had appeared – there aren’t lots of police boats on the water so much because of all the cutbacks, but i was glad this guy was there.  but kevin didn’t need him, because he had us!

he said he’d like to be towed home, so it was a little chaotic with trying to find a rope and numie and noodle joyfully bouncing all around, but i managed to maneuver the boat close enough to kevin without running him over and amy threw a rope to him, and off we went.

and even though he was safely attached to our boat it still wasn’t so easy – many boaters paid no heed to us, even though they’re always supposed to give right-of-way to a catamaran or any kind of sailboat.  some of them flew by us, way too close, as kevin struggled to keep the sail from getting away and the boat from tipping over again.

it was a dramatic and exciting ride back home, and a really exciting docking experience – kevin let go of our boat and safely paddled to shore, but amy tried to grab onto the poles at the dock while i did my best to get us in as i held onto the dogs’ leashes with one hand and they just wanted to GET OUT because they are dogs and always excited about the next big adventure.

we got close to the dock anyway, and then we had to pull and drag the boat into the slip.


so that was one of the more exciting boating adventures this summer.

now i must hurry and do many, many things all the livelong day and i’m tired just thinking about it.  i’m fairly sure, though, that i’ll have some good time this weekend to finish up my postings about JULY, for pete’s sake.

ok then,

mrs. friday morning hughes.