oh, the snow.

oh, the snow.

the snow.

the snow.

the snow.

it started about four in the afternoon yesterday, and it just kept a goin.

we had plans to have a cast party at the hilton last night, but as the show went on, we kept seeing the snow falling…and falling.  so we all decided it best to get home, instead of partying.

but when i walked to my car, i thought, “it’s not so bad, maybe we could go have a drink somewhere?”  but then i got in my car and started out and i started hoping THAT I’D MAKE IT HOME ALIVE.

on opening night we had a huge snowstorm, but the snow plows were out in force, and there were some cleared lanes even though the snow was falling so fast.

but last night, i saw nary a plow.  i did see a three-car fender bender, and all the other cars out were also creeping along, except for the occasional moron, usually in a pickup, who felt the need to roar past me.

on stevenson drive, not only was there lots of snow on the ground, but i couldn’t see where the curb might be.  turning onto west lake, it was even worse.  ugh.  the silence seemed oppressive, so i turned on some soothing jazz, but then quickly turned it back off because it seemed like TOO MUCH DISTRACTION.

as i crept closer to home, a car came zooming up behind me, and tailgated me for a good long way and i kept swearing at him, thinking that if i had to stop, or i swerved, he’d plow right into me.  luckily, that didn’t happen.


when i got home, the goose statue was pretty much covered.  i was SO HAPPY to be home!

and les paul was happy because he got to go outside…but then, he really didn’t want to be there.

this morning jim shoveled a path from his house to ours, a nice surprise!

and then he started in on the snow-blowing.  yaaaay, jim!

and now, because it’s already MARCH, here are some photos of february.  very, very soon i’ll be all caught up and will be able to post things close to the time that they actually happened, which i always mean to do but seem to have veered way off the course a long time ago.

two young eagles sitting in the trees.  we’ve definitely seen eagles more this winter tan we ever have before.

numie, snuggled down, doing what we should all be doing in wintertime!

the lake was filled with gulls, and i wanted to capture the huge sound they were making, but that didn’t work out using the video mode on my phone.

chester, who has just rolled in a large amount of catnip.  kitty nirvana.

lester has been very happy that i’ve been napping every day that i’ve had a performance; he loves to lie on top of me, purring his head off.

here’s a testament to my good intentions when it comes to cleaning.  i frequently get out whatever cleaning stuff i want to use…and then it just sits there for a very long time.  since this windex bottle was right at the front door, i think i managed to actually clean all the glass in the area in a more timely than usual manner, because otherwise i’d knock it over with the front door.

as i know i’ve said before, the thing about cleaning is that it’s never, ever done!  once things are finally clean, they just get dirty again.

this is the night i first tried on my fabulous clown outfit for the play that our great costumer, cindy wall, made.  she said she used fabric that was just lying around in her basement!  i love this costume so much, because it’s exactly what i’d think of in a clown costume.  i love to wear it, too, because there’s enough room in it for about three of me.  it’s so very baggy that when i sit on the couch in it, and that’s mostly what i do in the scene where i’m wearing it, sometimes i think “uh oh, i don’t think it’s zipped up the back” just because there’s so much space all around!  my kind of costume.  in one scene, jill wears a pair of sexy, skin-tight white pants.  better her than me!  give me a clown suit any day.

and a pair of crutches, for greater comedic effect.

i went slightly overboard baking cupcakes for valentine’s day, and to bring to the play for felicia’s birthday, which is on valentine’s day.

in the first scene, felicia walks out on stage hugely pregnant, and so i decorated these cupcakes for the baby shower that she never got!  a birthday baby shower valentine’s treat.

les, cutest kitty ever, thoroughly enjoying the valentine’s wrapping paper.

we had a line reading one night at jill’s house, and this is one of her huge and darling doggies.  i think this one is jack?  so cute and good and affectionate!

poor tired winnie and les, trying to relax in the hot tub room.  they have such stressful lives!

so, jim continues to blow the snow, but at the same time the snow continues to fall steadily.  should be an interesting drive to the play this afternoon.  i asked kevin who would make the drive to watch the show today and he said “i will!”  so at least we’ll have an audience of one.

ok then, don’t go out if you don’t have to,

mrs. sunday morning hughes.