four and a half inches last night.  i’m trying not to think about it, because i don’t have to leave the house til after nine.  hopefully the roads will be fine and dandy by then.

kevin is out snowblowing.  a very good fella.

meanwhile…this is just a week and a half ago, when it was so warm that i took les for a walk.  we both enjoyed it thoroughly.




of course he had to check out the new wood pile, which kevin stacked after chopping up the latest fallen dead tree.


the ferns were still so green…i got up off the couch to look at them now, and besides being covered in snow, they look pretty dead now.  but spring is RIGHT AROUND THE CORNER.

j18 j20

this is early in the morning of the 10th, when the fog on the lake looked so cool.






last night i thought about why i dislike snow so much.  the thing is, it’s pretty, and i enjoyed going outside last night to stand there and watch it and listen to the quiet.  yes, it’s beautiful.

but not only would it be necessary to not have to go out in it at all, or drive in it which i really can’t stand, it’s also that i really like to be outside.  but not in the snow.

i should try to embrace it, we should get out the cross-country skis and kevin could once again attempt to teach me and i could fall a whole lot.

i’d be perfectly happy to live in a place where a flake of snow never appeared again.

ok then, happy wednesday,

mrs. g. inside hughes.